Dayspring Verse


Sunday, Oct 03

  • We appreciate Chris Rosser for the adult class on the topic Eat, Play, Love. If you missed the class, they are uploaded to the archives section of the website.
  • We are ready to sign up volunteers for October. Please let Tracey know which dates you are able to cover.  Thank you! Thank you!
  • October is Mission's Month. All contributions will be used toward our missions. Please give as you are able. You may give on our GivingTools website or in the basket provided on the table in the auditorium. 
  • Catholic charities is involved with helping 1800 refugee families in the state of Oklahoma. Dayspring could help by setting up a home/apartment with clothing, appliances, supplies, all things you would need. Look through your things and see if we can pull together a home. You can bring things to the building on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings.
  • Alyson has a cousin who is having triplets and in need of children's things; clothing, baby items, toys.
  • Family Life Committee will meet Sunday, October 24 for an informational meeting. It will be right after services and short. If you have gifts for serving others, we would love to have you at the meeting to learn more about the ideas.
  • Vivi got her ears pierced for her birthday.
  • See the announcement for Bruce and Scott's wedding.
  • Thank you for putting food in the Blessing Box. It is being accessed.
  • The Zoom meeting for Adult class and service uses the same link each week. Save this link: Join Zoom Meeting pasting Meeting ID: 814 926 0172  Password: 284716

Monday, Jan 01

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