Dayspring Verse

Sunday Morning



All Bible Classes: 9:30 am
Fellowship Break 10:20
Communal Worship 10:45 
Donna Acker
Mike Duncan
Eric King 
Linda King  
Chip Kooi 
David Lowry
Rita McGinnis 
Don Pate 
Ken Adams
Lindy Adams 
Steve Bean 
Kathleen Duncan 
Megan Reed Hansen
Brandon Norris 
Ward Romberger
Nathan Shank
Grant Testut
Bart Varner   

Class Information

Adult Sunday Classes

       Dr. Charles Rix will lead us in fresh examination of the Ten Commandments, using as a springboard a series of films that "contemporize" the Decalogue. 
Cast in Stone: A Look at the Decalogue through Contemporary Cinema    

The Decalogue, or the "Ten Commandments," is an iconic representation of biblical ethics in sacred and popular culture.  In 1989, Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski developed a series of ten short films for Polish television entitled 'Dekalog." These films illustrate ethical and moral dilemmas of various individuals living in a Communist-era apartment block in Warsaw.  Drawing insights from these films, our series at Dayspring explores the Ten Commandments and ethical situations we face.  Each week, one of the commandments will be presented, a segment from one of the films, followed by our usual lively discussion. Should you wish to purchase the films, they are available from Amazon.


Babies/Toddler Class

  • There is a Babies/Toddlers' class for infants through 2 years of age. This class is located in the West hallway across from the men's restroom and is taught by Brandon Norris and Heather Hoffhines.

Ages 3, 4 and Beyond

  • David Lowry and Cary Williams are teaching this age group in the East hallway. 

Middle/High School Class

  • Mike Duncan teaches this age group. 

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