Dayspring Verse


Sunday, Oct 14

  • There will be an adult church outing to St. Gregory's Abbey on Sunday, October 21 for supper and 6:30 vespers. In lieu of the Adult Bible Class, bring a breakfast casserole in a disposable container to share at 9:45. The children will meet and rehearse for the Christmas Musical at 9:30 and join the adults at 9:45 for breakfast. The adults will leave after services around 12:30 and travel by bus to Shawnee for the outing. This outing is not recommended for children.
  • There will be a hayride/luncheon-cookout at the Duncan's land on Sunday, November 11 at 1:30 pm. There is a sign-up sheet for your participation and if you would like to bring a side for the hot dogs or fixings for smores.
  • Isaac will be leaving to pursue a master's degree at Baylor. We wish him the best on this new adventure.

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